About me

I’m a AI software engineer at Peng Cheng Lab. Before joining PCL, I obtained my master degree in 2014 form Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. I obtained my B.S. degree in 2017 from National University of Defense Technology. My current areas of interests include deep learning, data science and computer vision. I enjoy learning and exploring.


  Tensorlayer 3.0: A Deep Learning Library Compatible With Multiple Backends
  C Lai, J Han, H Dong   ICMEW 2021
  paper | code

  Trajectory Penetration Characterization for Efficient Vehicle Selection in HD Map Crowdsourcing
  X Cao, P Yang, F Lyu, J Han, Y Li, D Guo, X Shen   IEEE Internet of Things Journal

  Online worker selection towards high quality map collection for autonomous driving
  X Cao, Y Li, J Han, P Yang, F Lyu, D Guo, X Shen   IEEE GLOBECOM 2019

  Multi-cue road boundary detection using stereo vision
  L Wang, T Wu, Z Xiao, L Xiao, D Zhao, J Han   IEEE ICVES 2016

  A Vehicle Detection Method based on Online Sequential ELM with Deep ConvNet Features
  J Han, Xin Xu and Yujun Zeng   ELM 2016

Open Source Projects

  TensorLayer X
  Platform-agnostic AI Framework.
  I’m one of the main contributers to TLX.

  Open Machine Learning Systems
  A book about Open Machine Learning Systems.
  I’m one of the authors.


  • I like playing e-games, like DOTA2, WOW, Elder Ring. I am a heavy user of Steam.